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7 tips for a healthy skin. Daily routine, product order and more

Healthy skin sounds great but you probably had loads of questions regarding how a perfect daily skin routine would look like, what is the correct order to apply products or how to maintain your skin basically without too many complications. 

The truth is, skin care is really complicated only if you make it. 

If you are reading this, you are either at the beginning of the skincare road and you want to do more research before investing, or to understand better of how to start simple and efficient skin care routine. 

In general, people start taking care of their skin better when problems and concerns occur. Breakouts? Pigmentation? Chronic dehydration? Ops, better do something! 

As a skin nerd and professional I would suggest 7 important tips to keep in mind from the start. 

1. Know your skin.  

Listening of your body in general, should be a must. I said body not mind (ha). Same is with your skin! To know your skin is super important because this will be crucial in choosing the right products. Also, you need to prioritise your concerns; for example my first concern is my congestion in the jaw line area, then my second concern is my fine lines and wrinkles, third concern (the least important) is that I am a bit dehydrated and I got puffy eyes (when I work hard and I don’t get my beauty sleep).

Now, write down on a paper the following that applies to you: oily, oily and dehydrated, dry, dry with sensitivity, acne, breakouts, inflammation, dry patches, rough and coarse skin, redness, blackheads and open pores, deep lines, eye wrinkles, pigmentation, broken capillaries, breakouts with redness and inflammation, dehydration, dull, tired or puffy (literally everything you see in the mirror on your face). 

This will determine what you will treat/correct first or prevent. Because some of the concerns have different priorities. 

If your skin has: Inflammation, redness, irritation, flushing, rosacea (mild) will always be treated first, no matter what is your concern. First you must minimize the risk of worsening a sensitised skin by reducing the inflammation and redness. Nourish, protect, hydrate for a while. Then move onto your next concern, then you can go with more actives that stimulates the skin. 

Trust me, you don’t want to piss off an already irritated and inflamed skin with some harsh ingredients. 

2. Recognise the ingredients your skin needs. 

Ingredients and formulations matter. Brands matter more or less. Of course, the more advanced technology and better quality ingredient the more expensive it may be, but can also be the bigger the company and marketing the more expensive. So don’t fall into that trap. Research first. 

At the beginning, stick to a few active ingredients and then introduce them in your products. For example: you need vitamin C, salicylic acid and hyaluronic acid. Find a salicylic acid based cleanser, a vitamin C serum to use day time, and a hyaluronic acid based moisturiser (or whatever combinations you find). 

Just remember don’t mix up too many actives in the same time, unless they are already in some product formulation. 

3. Buy the basics first for your skincare regimen. Corect order to apply products.

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Aim at the beginning for a good hydrating cleanser which you are going to use AM/PM. Then treat the skin for your primary concern with a serum that you are going to use it AM/PM. Not at the last is important to protect and prevent the skin during the day with a SPF (it can either be a moisturiser with SPF in it or 2 separate stuff) and hydrate night time with a normal gel/cream formulation. So, the correct order to apply your products is:

AM: Cleanse, serum, SPF

PM: Cleanse, serum, moisturiser. daily skin routine

Weekly: acid/enzyme based exfoliant

Ideally, a good exfoliant would work incredibly with all combined together because your skin needs to shed the old, dead cells in order to glow, have better absorption, feel smoother and softer and increase cell turn over. 

If you have more than basics and you are not sure how to use them then that’s a correct order to apply products:

AM: Cleanse, tone, eye cream, serum, spot treatment/light weight moisturizer, spf;

PM: Cleanse, cleanse again, tone, eye cream, serum (retinol), medium weight/heavy moisturizer;

Weekly: Exfoliate, use an overnight mask or regular mask.

Monthly: get a facial or a skin treatment. (extractions)

4. Add slowly other actives and extra products.

Don’t be afraid to introduce cleansers or masks with actives such as glycolic, salicylic or lactic acids. They can only be used weekly like 1-2 times to avoid any excess dryness or redness that may occur.  Be careful if you add retinol. Based on the fact that can only be used night time, you can either introduce it 1-3 times weekly but with avoidance of other keratolytic agent (exfoliant). You can also add a toner, eye cream, overnight masks or regular ones, an extra serum, etc and start mixing and matching them. Your skin will love it if you find the perfect combination in your skincare regimen.

5. “My budget is low” story

This is a reality and I don’t blame anyone who does not afford things. Low budget is also relative but my advice for you is to focus on a cheaper cleanser (not the cheapest) and for moisturisers, opt out for the one without SPF because you can use it AM/PM rather than SPF that can be used AM only. Don’t get me wrong, SPF is extremely important so you may buy a broad spectrum at least 30 SPF asap.

In general, I recommend to use good quality skincare. Just think about it as a good investment in your skin’s future. You’re using it everyday (your face; crazy isn’t it?)

Also, cheap products may not bring you any benefit. Most of them may have actives but in almost inexistent concentrations or may have too many harsh ingredients that may sensitise and disrupt skin’s barrier. Then you complain that you used 9374774 cheap brands and with no result, and basically nothing is working! (You did not try the good stuff yet)

6. Try to have a balanced life in general. Good food, enough water and sleep, destress, socialise, go in the nature or do whatever the f*8k makes you happy. Working in a dull and continuous routine will affect the you and your skin whatsoever. Make little changes that counts for your peace of mind and you will see that your daily skin routine may also change (your will find what fits your lifestyle eventually)

7. Don’t be afraid to ask professionals and don’t listen to your friends recommendations ! Your skin is unique, so does theirs and the fact that the same product may do great to all of you would be just a fortunate situation.

In conclusion, taking care of your skin is not hard! You just need to include it in your skin daily routine and never skip it. It’s like you can’t skip food or water. No mater how tired you may be, get up and cleanse! Your skin will thank you one day! 

Have patience and invest in your skin like you invest in a pair of shoes or a bag! Who likes a bad face with a fancy bag? 

If you are not sure what your skin needs, feel free and wild to contact me and get your super educative meeting! 

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