How it started

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Stephanie Jolie aka Stefania Rusu

My journey started years ago when I did my first beauty training and so I discovered the satisfaction when you help people to find their beauty and health inside out.  Oh, the results you see after they follow your advice. It’s beautiful!

And at that time, I was working in another field and I was afraid to start from scratch. I loved new beginnings but that one freaked me out.

So, I moved to Bucharest (I am Romanian) and got into a prestigious beauty school. After a while, I met my future husband and I moved to Ireland. My ambition and determination helped me to overcome bad experiences in the beauty industry because I knew that will make me stronger, but you know better isn’t it? Look back and be proud of yourself!

Firstly, the challenge was to translate all my notes into English and learn only in English. So, I opened an educational platform on Instagram where I teach about skincare and wellness. 

Something that always kept me going was to teach people and to educate them. So I got my teaching degree in Dublin. I just felt right.

At the moment, I am preparing future online beauty courses, for everybody who wants to find out more about their skin, and how to improve it, in the easiest steps.

What do I do?

I worked full-time as a Senior Therapist & Trainer in a lovely Spa in Dublin for almost 4 years. Now I am back in Romania, hopefully, to impact positively my community. A better world, spreading knowledge and awareness for those who are curious and need a change. With my passion and my expertise in beauty and health.

Meanwhile, I have my own little business, where I write here. I try different products and brands and I am planning to set up an online shop with my favorite pieces of art for skin and wellness. Another passion of mine is aromatherapy. I fell in love with essential oils. They help me and support my lifestyle every day. I want to spread the word about it so you can achieve your healthiest life eveeerrrr.

I love giving people their confidence back and helping them to feel beautiful, worthy, and valued. My resources are genuine and based on research, books, courses, and multiple beauty training I attended over the years. I hope that all the information you will find here, will help you to change your perspective, and live your life better – remember! Everything is connected.
In this journey of beauty and health, I am here to inspire you and support you.




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