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Cum sa iei indemnizatia de crestere copil daca muncesti in strainatate

Scriu acest articol ca sa ajut viitoarele mamici sa isi asigure un venit din indemnizatia de crestere copil in Romania. Daca ai venituri din strainatate, si planuiesti sa te intorci in tara, te poti incadra sa primesti acest ajutor. In Romania, ai unul din cel mai bun sistem de maternitate. Este adevarat ca in topul tarilor europene, Finlanda este cea mai buna tara pentru a da nastere unui copil. Trebuie sa iti cunosti drepturile ca …

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7 Sfaturi pentru ingrijirea pielii in sarcina si alaptare

Sarcina. Ahhh ce perioada minunata! Poate te intrebi cum sa iti modifici rutina de ingrijire pe perioada sarcinii sau alaptarii. Sunt cateva reguli simple dar cel mai important, asculta-ti corpul si keep it simple! Iata 7 sfaturi pentru ingrijirea pielii in sarcina si alaptare. Scurta introducere Studiile facute pe gravide sunt relativ putine. Dar iti voi povesti niste aspecte stiintifice dar si experienta mea ca gravida. Citeam la un moment dat, ca in timpul sarcinii …

Baby skin, pielea bebelusului from
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Diferenta dintre pielea bebelusilor si cea a adultilor

Nou-nascutii se nasc cu o barieră naturală de protectie numita vernix caseosa care acopera pielea, protejand-o de lichidul amniotic din uter. La nastere, bebelusii trec de la o tranzitie brusca de la mediul steril din burtica la unul expus la daunatori. Mai jos explic de ce exista o diferenta intre pielea bebelusilor si cea a adultilor dar si de ce pielea bebelusilor nu se regenereaza rapid. Un alt aspect este sa intelegi de ce bebelusii …

Uter unicorn
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Sarcina de succes cu un uter unicorn

Doar ce ai aflat ca ai un uter unicorn sau bicorn? Iti doresti un bebe sau deja esti insarcinata si vrei sa afli mai multe despre asta? Eu iti voi povesti experienta mea cu prima sarcina dusa cu succes la 38 de saptamani. Aflasem de uterul meu unicorn cand aveam vreo 23 de ani insa nu intelegeam ce semnifica si cu atat mai mult, nu am bagat de seama. Eram cu capul in nori. 7 …

Life inspiring photography.

The amazing story of my life after the pandemic

I was out of sight for almost one year. Here’s what happened: This amazing story starts with the end of the pandemic lockdown. The country was opening slowly—so I was back to work. Excited and well rested, I was well aware that I might not have the same time to be as active as I was here, writing, planning, posting, and learning. I eventually started to feel dissatisfied at work, tired and frustrated at home …

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Helpful steps for an easy basic skincare routine: How to layer products

Basic skincare is easy peasy! I promise! If you’re reading this, is because you are probably confused about what exactly is a daily skincare regimen. How can you organize yourself better to take care of your skin by using products in a certain order? Are your skin products applied in the correct order? Do you apply eye cream before or after moisturizer? The serum comes first or the treatment? Are you doing it right? What …

Easy Peasy Skincare routine to follow. What s the correct order? Photo by Pave
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7 tips for a healthy skin. Daily routine, product order and more

Healthy skin sounds great but you probably had loads of questions regarding how a perfect daily skin routine would look like, what is the correct order to apply products or how to maintain your skin basically without too many complications.  The truth is, skin care is really complicated only if you make it.  If you are reading this, you are either at the beginning of the skincare road and you want to do more research …

Teenage Skin, how to help them achieve healthy skin despide inperfections. Learn about skin routine and ingredients.
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Everything that teenagers should know about their skin!

The following article is long, quite nerdy, and helpful. You will learn about skin care routine for teens, acne, external factors, what skin concerns are most common, maskne, dermatitis, dry and dehydrated skin, how to pop a pimple, tricks and tips and helpful advice. This article is suitable for moms with teens, anyone between 14 and 25 years old youngsters or beauty therapists who wants to learn more, agree or disagree with me. And of …

frankincense- kind of the oils. About Frankincense
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Frankincense – benefits and how to use. What makes it so powerful?

Maybe you wonder how can frankincense help you or how can frankincense helps your skin. Often called ‘King of the oils’, Frankincense has been used since antiquity. By reading this you will find out the history, how to use it and what benefits have for your skin. History Frankincense is native from the Red Sea region (grows wild in NE Africa and Oman). Used as incense in India, China, and the west by Catholic Church …

How to relieve anxiety and improve your sleep
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Best essential oils for helping your sleep and relaxation

You probably heard that essential oils can improve sleep and relaxation only by inhaling them. Their therapeutical effects have been used since ancient times to cure and prevent different health conditions. If you were wondering what are the best essential oils for sleep and relaxation, here’s your answer. Experts recommend that adults have at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night. Depriving your body of sleep has been linked to many health risks …

featured for a strong digestion essential oils
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Top 7 essential oils to use for a strong digestion

The digestive system breaks down food and absorbs nutrients that are further absorbed into the blood stream. Digestion makes it possible for your body to get the nutrients and energy it needs to keep you healthy, happy, and strong.  There’s a lot of research into gut health and it is now scientifically proven that we have a second brain, called the Enteric Nervous System (ENS) that is placed in our gut. Although, our two brains …