Doterra Essential Oils, why to choose?

10 Reasons why choose to align with doTERRA

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It’s personal

Firstly, I am quite reserved and skeptical towards sales pitches and pushy people. The doTerra Essential oils helped me and helped all the people I know in my life with integrity. My family, my friends, and my clients. When I discovered their high quality and purity, I started my research into essential oils chemistry but also their physical and emotional benefits. I trained in Aromatherapy and made myself a little alchemist.

Most importantly, I just want to help. With all my knowledge and resources.

In other words, helping people and the planet is the most beautiful thing I can achieve.

Purity and potency

The purity of essential oil is its most important characteristic. That is why, when an essential oil is adulterated or contaminated, it becomes less effective and can be even dangerous. Therefore, purity is doTERRA’s first priority when producing essential oils. Did you hear about the paper test? It’s simple, you need a white piece of paper, natural light, and your essential oils you want to try. The theory goes that if you put a drop of essential oil on a white piece of paper, you can tell if it is purely based on if it evaporates or not. If it does not evaporate and leaves a stain, then the theory states that the oil is impure or of poor quality.

PS: Let me know how your piece of paper looks like in the comments section below. I would love to hear what essential oils are you using and how they influence your life on a daily basis.

Family focused and women-empowerment

doTerra cares about each oil user, always providing support, education, and innovative ways to create more healing in every home. Helping yourself and your family will make the best out of it. They also support multiple organizations that help women all over the world to become empowered, remembering how special and powerful we are. Also, doTerra created blends and supplements that support hormonal imbalances, menopause, menstrual fluctuations and pain, bone and articulation support.


We complete 54 types of testing to ensure purity. You won’t find anything in our oils but plants. For instance, we have never failed a purity test. All of the basics are checked first: sight, smell, taste, and touch. Then, we test to rule out any presence of fungus, mold, pesticides, and any other contaminants. Check it out more HERE !

Clinical Studies

We are the only company to have successfully partnered with medical professionals, hospitals, and organizations because we lead the industry in quality. For example, check out more HERE.


I respect the plants! So does doTERRA! Utilizing the right geographical location, harvest season, harvest method and distillation procedures. I try my best to do sustainable things and protect the earth.

Healing Hands

I love people who are involved in charities, I think their humanitarian efforts are unmatched. It feels good to know that I’m partnered with those who care about the world. Read more about Healing Hands amazing projects HERE.


 We have over 85% control over our crops meaning no one else has access to them or can claim they get the same plants that make up our oils.

Cō-Impact Sourcing

Doterra Co-Impact sourcing. Partnerships across the globe to protect the growers from unfair market conditions and unfair treatment.

We outsource from over 46 different countries, working directly with family farmers. The geographic location of plants matters when it comes to quality and potency. As a result, our partnerships protect the growers from unfair market conditions and unfair treatment.

However, when you buy the product from doTERRA, you are not only receiving an extraordinary product, you also become a part of the Co-Impact Sourcing movement that is a blessing and changing lives around the world. Find out more HERE.


I love that everything you need to know is there, and if you cannot find it, you can ask. Our Sources To our website allows you to pull up your specific oil batch-test resorts. In other words, I’ll always make sure that you get all your answers when you’ll join my team.

There will always be pro and contra arguments because there is YING AND YANG. The universe needs balance. And that’s okay! Most Importantly, the choice is YOURS.

10 Reasons why choose to align with doTERRA Essential Oils. Discover their purity and potency in your home.
Changing the World One Drop, One Person, One Community at a Time

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