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Helpful steps for an easy basic skincare routine: How to layer products

Basic skincare is easy peasy! I promise!

If you’re reading this, is because you are probably confused about what exactly is a daily skincare regimen. How can you organize yourself better to take care of your skin by using products in a certain order? Are your skin products applied in the correct order? Do you apply eye cream before or after moisturizer? The serum comes first or the treatment? Are you doing it right? What do you need in a basic skincare regimen?

There are so many questions that need to be answered and luckily you are on the right page. ?

First of all, a skincare regimen is basically what you are using daily in order to treat/maintain, and protect the skin against external factors. There are people who just like to keep it simple and there are people who are into skincare and they have a huge collection of products at home.

I want you to understand that no matter what is your skin type or what skin conditions/concerns you have, you should have at least a basic skincare regimen.

1. Cleanse your face. This is the first step in your basic skincare routine order.

Some people may find soap and water enough, and they may be happy with it. (as long as skin looks good and doesn’t feel tight, I’m fine with it). Personally, I think everybody should try a cleanser instead of soap.

Cleansing or double cleansing is one of the most important steps that cleans away debris, dust, dirt, make-up, oils, SPF, and other bad stuff that shouldn’t be there. Make sure you’re using the correct one for your skin type.

2. Tone – only if you want!

There is no mandatory rule to tone your skin. It could be part of a basic skincare routine but do as you please. In my previous job, I wasn’t recommending to a client a toner, if they had no routine whatsoever. For example, when I tone my skin (when I am in the mood) I prefer spray toners. So refreshing and hydrating. If you are a fan of it, keep in mind that toners have the meaning to remove some cleanser leftovers as well (mostly oily ones) – one of the reasons why I recommend double cleansing! Save yo’ money! ? And beware of those nasty alcohol ones. They’re yuck, and you don’t need it, no matter how oily your skin is.

3. Moisturizer AM/PM

This is a must, and I am telling you: skin will be grateful. You need one SPF for daytime and one regular moisturizer for nighttime. There is no tragedy if your regular moisturizer doesn’t say “night”. Make sure you choose one based on your skin’s needs. SPF should be at least 30 broadspectrum (UVA+UVB), in my opinion.

4. Want more? Then add one of these: serum or exfoliant, eye cream, and weekly face masks.

Congratulations if you prefer to keep things straightforward and are already following my instructions! But first, ask yourself if your basic skincare is the cheapest and most random you’ve ever had, or if you’re content with your purchases and you are already seeing fab results. Is there any improvement you would like to achieve? Maybe overall have healthy-looking skin?

If you have any questions, you are always welcome to comment in the section below. ?

Why exfoliation is important?  Is it more than a moisturizer? Did you know it hydrates the skin? 
Even though exfoliation is actually a natural process of the skin, where old cells shed and new ones come to the surface. Learn after how to layer products on your skin.
Why Exfoliation is important

Why is important to exfoliate? For multiple reasons! However, I am going to write about it soon (stay tuned) Meanwhile, here’s some info from my Instagram post. (have you followed me yet?)

Face masks are awesome and can fit any basic skincare routine even just for the sake of your ‘me time’.

Serums are my favorite thanks to their targeting properties, which I absolutely love. There is always something I would like to achieve with my skin and can be introduced AM/PM followed by moisturizer.

If you would introduce at least two of these options then your basic skincare routine isn’t basic anymore:)

The correct order of your daily skinroutine 
How to layer products

And I salute you.

Quick, here’s a simple diagram from my Instagram page that may help.

Plus check out my post about some advice regarding your routine and how to achieve healthy skin.

Easy Peasy Skincare routine to follow. What s the correct order? Photo by Pave

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