Truth About Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals: How to choose your dream skincare

First of all, I wanna tell you about this crazy-compulsive cosmetics shopping that you probably experienced before.  How many brands have you seen online? Or bought products recommended from friends and unqualified influencers? How many times did you look on your product’s ingredients?

Sometimes it gets you more confused! Working on a much customized skincare regimen only for your skin type, concerns and goals.

In my experience, I have never seen a brand that promises everything for you and be 100 % effective. I mean, I love skin care – both cosmetics and cosmeceuticals. I have seen great results from both of them.

The secret is to learn how to combine different ingredients that create a synergy between correction, hydration, prevention and maintenance.

By all means, I’ll never stay loyal to only one skincare company – no matter if it’s a cosmetic or cosmeceutical.

Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals chart, Learn the difference. Good skin ingredients. Beauty products are everywhere
Cosmetic vs Cosmeceutical


Scientifically, they are only for beautifying purposes. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

Their ingredients only penetrate superficially and they don’t pass the dermal-epidermal junction. So yes, they will make your skin feel soft and comfortable only when you apply them.

Great news! Cosmetics work well when applied on good condition it also cleans, protects, and moisturizes – basically it may change the appearance of the skin but without modifying it at a cellular level.

Cosmetics may contain active ingredients in a low percentage or concentration. Or may use other chemical compounds called derivates. These derivates can be in higher percentages but low concentrations (and vice versa). These ingredients are under the legal regulations required for pharmaceuticals (so goes below them)

If you see that they are DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED, is because they MUST be! Otherwise, they’re not approved for consumption. There is a lot of marketing going on over there so don’t see it as a benefit!

  • Price range 5€ – 3500€


Dr. Albert Klingman popularized the term “cosmeceutical” in the late 70’s when he discovered the benefits of vitamin A and how affects acne, sun damaging and premature ageing.

Unfortunately, the word cosmeceutical has been used and abused by marketing departments worldwide.

Cosmeceutical products contain high actives that can modify skin matrix deep into the dermal layer. And it’s clinically proven – this means they run a lot of tests, and there is a lot of research before releasing a product on the market.

They are not classified as drugs, even though it combines cosmetic benefits and pharmaceutical ingredients to cure any mild-moderate skin conditions.

Their price will always be higher than a 10 euro cosmetic, and that is because of a few factors:

  • Technology used
  • Expensive ingredients
  • Rare ingredients
  • Branding and Marketing


Cosmeceuticals should be prescribed only by skin therapists, experts and dermatologists! Is ideal for them to complete some training or be familiar with the brand. And also to do a skin consultation to customize your skincare regimen.

You can find Cosmeceuticals in clinics, beauty salons, big shop retailers and maybe even pharmacies.

You can find Cosmetics – shops, drugstores, pharmacies, all shops, in Lidl, 1 euro shop, basically everywhere.

Also not all the beauty advisors in the shops studied skin. Nor influencers or god knows who tells you what to use for your acne on YouTube. They might be trained to sell and learn about a specific brand.

Unfortunately, reality is different as the internet is a little zoo when it comes about shopping online.

That is why sometimes you might end up buying the wrong product just because you have seen key words as blackheads, acne or hydration. Hello? Your skin is more than that!

Before investing in a skincare regimen, my professional advice is to visit your local skin clinic or have online consultations to understand better your skin and its needs.

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      You are always welcome, are you already part in my health tribe??
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