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Learn 5 Effective Ways to Help Your Stressed Skin


First of all, we all been there! Biologically, stress happens when cortisol levels increase. 

Difficult life situations, overthinking, unconscious projections towards people and things that surround us, lifestyle, diet – affect us in a way or another.  

Life during the pandemic

It’s the disease of the century. We started to acknowledge it as part of our life, dealing with it daily.

However, how conscious are we about it? By all means, stress is affecting our nervous system, and that creates inflammation in our bodies (+other bad stuff).

How the body prepares to respond when stress hormones are released?

Nerd alert! Here are a few examples:

  1. Epinephrine (adrenaline)

Involved with flight or fight response that increases metabolism –> higher cardiac rhythm and glucose levels in the blood, but also alters immunity and inflammation.

2. Adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) –> helps cortisol to be released and stimulates melanin (MSH) – that is why there’s people suffering from severe hyperpigmentation caused by stress.

3. Cortisol –> releases inflammatory neuropeptides and they’re enjoying it. These neuropeptides love inflammation, redness, and flushing! 

FUN FACT (not really)

Did you know that the higher amount of cortisol in your body, the more delayed your skin’s barrier recovery is?

 According to a study, stress reduces skin’s healing process with 30%. You wonder why you get all red, feeling that heat all over and swelling when you are constantly stressed?

Some common skin conditions triggered by stress hormones are breakouts, dehydration, redness, aging, and pigmentation.


Nature, away from stress, stressed skin,
Just Imagine Yourself between these trees
  • Yoga;
  • Meditation;
  • Work on hobbies;
  • Give work the exact time it’s needed to be done, not more (unless it’s your passion);
  • “Me time”;
  • Essential Oils;
  • Eat healthy. Discover and try tasty recipes;
  • Look for things that brings you happiness, gratefulness and kindness;
  • Connect with the nature more. Listen to it. Go, explore, walk, run, exercise.

Skin Care & Stress

You are continuously changing – so does your skin.

Stress changes the balance of the gut bacteria which can lead to inflammation, puffiness, sensivity and dullness.

Take a step back and breathe. 

Then have a look in your skincare regimen. Be careful about this “all clean skincare, no parabens, no nasties”. Some beauty brands are using fear as a marketing tool. That is nasty! To use fear to make you buy. The worst thing that can happen after using a product is to react, or have literally no benefits (plain ingredients). That’s why by the end of the day WE WANT RESULTS!

However, I only agree in this life with CRUELTY-FREE – even though since 2014 EU prohibited testing on animals, there are still big companies that tests beauty products on animals – something I would never support as a consumer/customer.

My advice: research! It is a large misconception about parabens and chemicals, perfumes, etc. There’s not a single product in the market advertised without being tested and formulated by certified people. They know what they’re doing. No one is trying to kill you.

Um, hello? WE ARE CHEMICALS! Can we just….can we?


Bye Bye Stress!

If you feel like your skin looks stressed. Look deeper, your skin shows how you feel and try to do these stuff:

  1. EXFOLIATE – use acids such as lactic, glycolic, azelaic, mandelic, or salicylic – for glow, hydration, and smoothness.
  2. STIMULATING SERUMS (face and eyes): with vitamins: A, C, E, F, pomegranate, grape seed, peptides, hyaluronic acid, honey, algae, licorice, polyphenols, oats, chamomile, aloe, etc. – great for inflammation, brightening, smoothing, plumping.
  3. SPF: at least a factor 25, even though you are on your couch all day!
  4. FACE MASKS: prep yourself a good bath (essential oils, Epson salts, music) and apply your best mask ever!
  5. FACE MASSAGE: encourages the drainage of built-up waste fluids and removes toxins from the body using pressurized and rhythmic circular movements around the neck. Check how to do it yourself in my video HERE!

   In conclusion, it always feels good when you take care of yourself. No more stressed skin!

Feeling confused and don’t know what is going on with your skin? Book your skin consultation with me and let’s find solutions for your stressed skin!

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