Get a unique skin care consultation and advice all from the comfort of your home. Why is this important?

Would you like to understand your skin better? Did you notice any changes lately that make you uncomfortable? Is your skincare adapted to your lifestyle? Would you like to have glowy and radiant skin without spending a fortune?

Instead of looking for a new skincare brand, look for a review of your actual routine and an updated analysis!

Never underestimate the importance of a good consultation with a skincare professional. Longterm it will save you hundreds of euros by avoiding buying the wrong products or overpriced treatments.

A skin professional like me will help you tackle all your fears related to your concerns.

In this skin consultation, you will find out how complex and unique you are, but also: 

  • I will guide you towards a sustainable approach to your skin health;
  • how to combat each concern you have;
  • what active ingredients you need;
  • how a complete skin regimen would look like;
  • what to bring in your current skincare;
  • answer to your questions;
  • give your insights about tricks and treats;
  • recommend products (not necessary);

Unbiased Consultation! Not offering a product recommendation should tell you that my interest is not my commission, but what is best for your skin.

But if that’s what you wish for, good quality product recommendation for all budgets – no problem!

I am not promoting any particular brands, but my recommendations are based on my clients and personal results. Therefore my interest is to educate you.

READ THIS! What I offer is that in a world filled with more and more information, I can make a direct recommendation specifically on what your needs. I save you the time researching, the conflicting advice and misinformation available, and money that you would have spent trying all of the products recommended by influencers or random super famous people.

The fee is only €30 per meeting (45 minutes) 

What to expect from your personal skin consultation?

  • selfie time! You’ll need to take three selfies – front and sides, after you cleanse your skin. You know natural light is the real magic so make sure you have plenty of it;
  • complete the online form with medical-related questions plus your consent/signature. This way we can avoid future complications caused by underlying medical conditions;
  • you can share your concerns, curiosities, and you can ask me questions;
  • I’ll ask you questions to assess – your lifestyle, diet, medication, etc. and see how everything is related to your skin;
  • I’ll write you an email about your skin profile, recommendations and everything we discussed.

Our consultation will be either in English or Romanian.

My goal is to collaborate with you. I can be your personal skin advisor.

*Please read Terms and Conditions regarding Cancellation Policy!