Industries Polluting Earth

Skin and Pollution: What are the effects? Find affordable solutions!

Pollution is our enemy! Learn how to minimize its long term by creating healthy habits. Pollution. I like to call it the invisible threat, to the skin and health. The more we consume, the more we pollute. And that is not only industries fault. It’s also ours. Luckily, we can make small changes in our lives. So, today you learn about key ingredients that fight pollution and also what affordable solutions you can implement in …


Truth About Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals: How to choose your dream skincare

First of all, I wanna tell you about this crazy-compulsive cosmetics shopping that you probably experienced before.  How many brands have you seen online? Or bought products recommended from friends and unqualified influencers? How many times did you look on your product’s ingredients? Sometimes it gets you more confused! Working on a much customized skincare regimen only for your skin type, concerns and goals. In my experience, I have never seen a brand that promises …

Stressed Skin? Find out ways to fight it.
Skin Concerns

Learn 5 Effective Ways to Help Your Stressed Skin

Stress? First of all, we all been there! Biologically, stress happens when cortisol levels increase.  Difficult life situations, overthinking, unconscious projections towards people and things that surround us, lifestyle, diet – affect us in a way or another.   It’s the disease of the century. We started to acknowledge it as part of our life, dealing with it daily. However, how conscious are we about it? By all means, stress is affecting our nervous system, and …