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Remarkable History of Beauty: What are the influential time insights?

Before the beauty influencers, there was Nefertiti, Cleopatra, Venus and Athena. Women and goddesses initiated the way to beauty rituals and influenced many of nowadays treatments.

Beauty industry developed at it’s own pace, with ups and downs, since ancient times.

Did you know?

Firstly, our ancestors used their own skin care/body care herbs, plants and animal nature products. Because it enhancing and beautify different parts of the body.

  • Egyptians were the first ones who used cosmetics for their religious ceremonies. Women were using essential oils, henna for hair dye and tattoos, and milk for their skin. Nefertiti used black eyeliner made of coal for her eyes and brows.
  • The hebrew people used olive oil to nourish their skin or grapeseed for body exfoliation, and pomegranate extract as an antioxidant.
  • Did you know Greeks invented the word ”cosmetic “from Kosmetikos? And they were using olive oil, clays, almond oil, lemon and honey for beautifying purposes.
  • The Romans invented steam therapy, using their famous roman baths, body scrubs and body massage.
  • In Asia, geishas invented Threading therapy.
  • In the Middle Ages, the interest in beauty declines because of religious principles.
  • Sour milk was used to cleanse the skin in the Renaissance period.
  • In the Victorian Era, the Queen of England, Victoria used honey masks for its nourishment and antiseptic benefits. But also a great exfoliant because it contains gluconic acid (mild organic acid derived from glucose by a simple oxidation reaction).

In the XX Century, we discovered the benefits of Tretinoins, Botox, Alpha Hydroxy acids and Esthetic Surgeries.

What happens now?

The use of nanotechnology has created new ingredients with high-efficiency. However, some pharmaceutical companies have offered preparations obtained by advanced techniques and treatments: exfoliants, antioxidants, and retinoids with effect in cell renewal, brightening effect or stimulating collagen production.

Nowadays, technologies are using microencapsulated ingredients to create advanced products, as a result of multiple clinical studies. Increase in need for skin care, and beauty treatments demand for products made from natural ingredients, and attractive packaging fuel the growth of the global cosmetics market.

However, the increased interest for the industry, encouraged more companies to create their own skincare products.

Why do we need skincare?

  • Firstly, it maintains a beautiful skin. You need to make sure you are working from inside out;
  • Prevent potential concerns;
  • You can have an amazing skin at any age. Important is how you treat it.
  • If your life is a mess, it’s less likely your skin to be fab – not even the most expensive products will help you;
  • There are also people who have genetically amazing skin, and used soap their whole life;
  • Beauty can stand for many things, now you decide what you stand for.
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