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Dry or Dehydrated Skin? See The Top Helpful Tips

Is my skin dry or dehydrated? Well, it can be both! But there are solutions!

First of all, let’s learn the difference between dry and dehydrated skin


  • It’s a skin type and it’s often inherited
  • Can be a temporary skin condition caused by stress/ageing/pollution.
  • Thin complexity
  • Loads of fine lines
  • Lack of lipids in the skin (less sebaceous glands)
  • Fragile skin barrier
  • Can feel itchy, flaky, reddish – more likely to react to products
  • you may have small pores but blackheads and millia can be present
  • Skin looks dull, pale and faded
  • Can be dehydrated

Your lipid matrix is composed of about 50% ceramides25% cholesterol, and 15% free fatty acids.

So, now that you learned what is the difference between these two, do you find any of these characteristics familiar?

Let’s have a look on the main causes:

  • Impaired skin barrier – your skin have a hydrolipidic layer on top of your epidermis formed by water, dead cells, lipids, and good bacteria.
  • Extreme weather – too much cold or hot, harm the skin. Always adapt your skincare regimen.
  • Lifestyle – stress, bad diet, alcohol, smoking, medication, affects the skin and your health.
  • Using wrong products for your skin/ Non existent skincare (if you use soap only – it may be a temporary solution)
  • Caffeine and sugar
  • Not drinking water
  • Genetics, hormones (pregnancy, pill, menopause)

Now check and see what you are doing wrong?


  • Most common skin condition
  • All skin types can have it, all skin conditions can have it.
  • Lack ow water in your epidermis
  • Disrupted skin barrier
  • Caused by stress, incorrect product usage (stripping products, soaps), extreme weather, hot & alkaline tap water
  • Tight & rough feeling, can become flaky and sensitized;
  • Make-up goes patchy, creams get absorbed instantly.
  • You can have acne, breakouts, blackheads, oiliness and be dehydrated in the same time.
Dry or dehydrated? Top tips on how to maintain it. Learn the difference
Give yourself time. Everything takes time.


Wear SPF! Preferably from your moisturizer. If your BB or foundation has SPF as well, the more the better.

Focus on balms, milky cleansers, fatty serums, nourishing moisturizers, gentle enzyme exfoliants.

If you are a runner/cyclist – use a recovery balm to protect against wind.

Avoid super fragranced cosmetics/toners with alcohol.

Some great ingredients to look for: peptide, ceramide, hyaluronic acid, fatty acids like stearic, palmitic, linoleic, oleic, olive oil, shea butter, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, lavender oil, oats, squalene.


Look for water based products – gels, lightweight lotions, foams, fluids.

Exfoliate, use acids that stimulate your hydration – lactic acid. mandelic acid (glycolic may be harsh)

Use masks and mix and match your serums. Protect your skin with SPF, use hydrating toners.

Avoid stripping products, soaps, synthetic stuff.

Look for hydrating ingredients like: aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, glycerine, seaweed, propylene glycol, squalene, ceramide. Check exactly what they do HERE.

DRINKING WATER MYTH – “my skin is so dehydrated because I don’t drink water”

The truth is, you can’t blame one thing. Because any issue has a chain reaction. You may drink loads of water but use soap and a 3 euro moisturizer. Do you see where I’m going?

Let’s say your skin is not in the best condition for some reason. Drinking water helps your entire body but you won’t wake up suddenly with your skin plumpy and glowy ?.

Top tips: Maintain a healthy lifestyle by drinking at least 2 liters of water but also apply serums and protect your skin from losing that water.

Let me help you achieve your healthiest skin


Are you feeling more confident in understanding the difference dry and dehydrated skin? Let me know in the comment section below, I would love to hear from you!

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